Investigations conducted by ILPRS are broken into two main parts: Pre-Investigation and Investigation. The pre-investigation involves a few things

  • Listening to claims of activity from clients

  • Establishing an investigation date

  • Conducting a walkthrough of the location to gain more specific information on the activity

  • Develop theories as to why specific claims of activity may be naturally occurring



After the pre-investigation routine has been completed, ILPRS will commence its investigation into the claims of activity. The investigation will be multi-tiered and often times complete investigations will take more than one on-site appointment. Some of the steps we take during our investigations are:

  • Experimentation with alternative theories in order to eliminate certain claims of activity as being paranormal

  • Background research of the location and surrounding area

  • Formal on-site investigations inclusive of video and audio monitoring for the duration

  • Review of video, audio and investigator notes

  • Revealing to our clients all information we've gathered as a result of the investigation

  • If necessary, scheduling follow-up on-site investigations