Founder / Case Manager / Investigator

Founded ILPRS in 2009. She has always had an interest in the paranormal since she was a young child. Having worked with other paranormal research groups as well as conducting research and investigations on her own, she has been able to hone her skills and interest in paranormal investigation. J investigated some of the United States' most notable haunted locations and brings a wealth of information and knowledge to ILPRS.



Assistant Case Manager / Investigator-In-Training

Lauren is a psychologist who has always had an interest in paranormal phenomena since childhood. Her interest in how human perceptions, experiences, and behaviors influence paranormal claims led her to ILPRS in pursuit of answers. Lauren has a strong scientific background, which will allow her to approach paranormal investigations with the mindset of providing and ruling out alternative, plausible explanations. She believes this approach will help unveil genuine paranormal phenomena and strengthen the acceptance of this field within the scientific community.



Historical Research

Carol has had an interest in the paranormal since she was about 12 years old. It used to scare her a lot until she started asking questions and doing research. She watches Ghost Hunters faithfully as well as other paranormal shows. She is interested in learning more and wants to be able to use that knowledge to help others. Carol has had her own personal experiences with the paranormal. Being able to have these experience still gives her the chills.



Public Relations / Media

Alaina has been interested in the paranormal since childhood. She was with ILPRS when it was first formed in 2009 until 2012 when she started her family. Wanting to be involved in the paranormal field and be part of the team again, Alaina is glad to be back as social media manager.