What does "paranormal" mean?

Paranormal (pronunciation: par-uh-nawr-muhl) is defined by dictionary.com as something "of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena". So what exactly does this mean? In rough terms, anything that is unexplainable by science is considered "paranormal". Obviously, the boundaries of what is and is not considered paranormal can seem a bit blurred. The most basic way of defining paranormal is to say that it is something that is not normal. Paranormal studies is a broad term for several different fields of paranormal study such as cryptozoology, extra-terrestrial studies and spiritual studies. ILPRS focuses our expertise on the study and investigation of paranormal claims related to spirit encounters.

So you believe in ghosts?

Yes...and no. While we believe that there may be the possibility that there are free-roaming spirits definitive, scientific proof has remained elusive not only for ILPRS, but for everyone in this field. As paranormal investigators, we consider ourselves to be a part of the scientific community and certain criteria needs to be fulfilled in order to prove that a haunt is legitimate by scientific standards. While we have, in our investigations, come across some very convincing evidence we do not 100% confirm, nor deny, the presence of spirits. We simply 100% confirm that there is a possibility.

I think my house/business may be haunted. what do I to?

First, you need to remain calm and not burden yourself by thoughts that something may want to harm you, your family or your colleagues. Only the smallest percentage of cases involving the presence of spirits and demons results in physical harm toward those experiencing activity. Next, consider the activity you've experienced and possible non-paranormal explanations for it. Did a window shut on it's own? If so, does the window fit snug in the frame or does it open and close with relative ease? Have you heard banging sounds through the location? If so, have you recently been running air conditioning or heating units which upon cooling and heating can cause loud noises through a location as structural objects within the location expand and contract? If you just aren't comfortable in the location and, despite reassurance, you can't seem to be comfortable, then click the link to the left to request an investigation. By doing so, you can rest assured that our team will be in contact with you, we will assess your situation and schedule an investigation for your location to see if we can help.

I have been physically harmed by something in my house/business that can't be seen. What do I do?

In cases of physical harm, we urge you to contact us immediately so that we may assess your situation and schedule an investigation by our trained professionals.

I think there is spirit activity in my house. Should I investigate it myself?

We do not recommend that you perform investigations on your own residence or business. It's theorized that certain methods of investigation may increase activity and turn mild activity into very extreme activity. For this reason we always suggest you contact a paranormal research group, such as ILPRS or any other reputable groups, and schedule for one of those groups to investigate the location. Most paranormal research groups, including ILPRS, provide their service free-of-charge.